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The Tragic Aerial Ladder Test of 1875
Before Aerial Ladders were introduced to the FDNY, the Firefighters had to make due with the limited reach of portable ladders or attempt dangerous entry and exit through the interior of buildings consumed by fire in order to rescue trapped victims. Seeing many tactical advantages to the increased reach of an Aerial type ladder the FDNY Chiefs and Commissioners purchased several of them and began a series of field tests. Ladder 6 was selected to receive the first of these new Aerials and so Members of Ladder 6, Engine 9, and Battalion 4 all participated in these field tests.

Unfortunately the final test ended in tragedy on September 14, 1875. This was the day when the first Aerial Ladders were to go "in service" and a great public display of these new Ladders was planned at Tweed Plaza, a triangle formed by the intersection of East Broadway and Canal Street. Keep in mind that during this phase of American History, the public would turn out in droves for such a spectacle (an attitude that continued well into the first half of the 20th century.) And so many hundreds of people lined the Plaza that day to see the christening of Ladder Company 6's new Aerial.

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